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Cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory have never been more popular. Register now for your favorite teachers; we have posted 200 new cooking classes available, from September through December.

Many people cook by themselves as they do not want to share space in the kitchen. But cooking with a partner can make the food preparation more fun and the dinner more delicious as you learn from another cook in the kitchen. I love the excitement of cooking with someone else. Our new schedule features many classes with two dynamic chefs in the kitchen. Two is double the pleasure!

Don’t miss these appealing duos:

  • Sept 12: chef Josh Galliano of Monarch and beer guy Mike Sweeney with a hearty beer and food pairing.
  • Sept 24: chef Lou Rook and oenophile Glenn Bardgett of Annie Gunn’s with nose-to-tail pork cooking plus wine pairing.
  • Sept 26: Kirk Warner and Joanna Duley of Claverach Farm with a farm-to-table fresh produce dinner.
  • Oct 15: food blogger Kelly Green Gardner and photographer Corey Woodruff are taking beautiful pictures of delicious food.
  • Oct 16: Husband-and-wife chefs Brian and Carrie Whitcraft show how married couples can cook from scratch wonderful food together.
  • Oct 18: chef Josh Galliano and mixologist Nate Selsor of Monarch with exceptional appetizers and cocktails pairing.
  • Oct 24: Chris Bolyard of Sidney Street Cafe (who is one of Sauce Magazine’s Ones To Watch) joins his wife Abbie with a Southern dinner.
  • Oct 26: Ivy Magruder of Vin de Set and fishmonger Phil Nekic of Bob’s Seafood cook the freshest catch-of-the-day.
  • Nov 5: Theresa Liu and Bill Foster with a new ginger liqueur and ginger-infused Chinese food pairing.
  • Nov 15: chef Wil Pelly and award-winning mixologist Matt Seiter of Sancturia with a party in a bowl: one-pot dinners with party punches.
  • Nov 28: Michael Craig and mixologist Travis Garner of Taste by Niche with a fancy dinner and a swank cocktail pairing.
  • Dec 27: husband-and-wife team chef Cassandra Vires and oenophile Josh Renbarger of Home Wine Kitchen show off their specialties: delightful dinner with a sumptuous wine pairing.

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