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Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean we stop cooking; we are still hungry for delicious food. This summer schedule is chock full of new and creative menus. Mark your calendar and join us for some incredible classes on grilling, canning, and the fresh produce and meats from local farms. Register Now.

Two for one! Several classes feature two chefs in the kitchen. The repartee and creative collaboration make for memorable experiences and extra-tasty food:

  • Join chef Vito Racanelli and mixologist Jennifer Dormuth both of Mad Tomato on June 13 for a canape and cocktail pairing.
  • Double your pleasure of eye-candy with Mark Sanfilippo and Ben Poremba on June 27 in “Fritto-Lay” — a class on irresistible arancini (Italian risotto cakes).
  • Chef Wil Pelly and mixologist Matt Seiter both of Sanctuaria on July 11 put together an appetizer and cocktail menu.
  • Steven Caravelli of Araka and Josh Galliano of Monarch combine forces on August 15 for an epic evening of two compelling and competing menus.
  • Christopher Lee and Katie Case both of Cafe Ventana show off their award-winning menu of chicken-and-waffles on August 29.

A few of our favorite chefs who are new or we have not seen for awhile are returning to teach. These dynamic chefs have so much to offer in the kitchen:

  • Cassandra Vires cooks a fresh menu with creative flavors on July 14
  • Nate Hereford of Niche on July 17 cooks his famous pork belly with smoked plums
  • Prime beefsteak time with Paul Jacobsen of Morton’s Steakhouse on June 27
  • Yes, diabetics can enjoy fabulous food, especially when prepared by Adam Lambay of Chaumette Winery on August 2
  • Theresa Liu relives and cooks from her memorable visit to her birthplace in China on July 16
  • Cary McDowell of Winslow’s Home features extra-fresh produce on July 12 and August 16
  • Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Cafe cooks from an urban garden on August 22

The bread-and-butter of our cooking school are the fabulous restaurant chefs who teach every month. We love the delicious food that these dynamic chefs cook:

  • Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi does chanterelles on July 20 and Italian food on August 31 and lamb on September 14
  • Join Jay Dedkard of Oishi Sushi in preparing the most beautiful sushi on August 2, August 30, or September 20
  • Master sumptuous sauces with Mickey Kitterman of Gallagher’s on July 27, August 24, or September 21
  • Spend the whole day of July 24 mastering the art of Latin cuisine with Christopher Lee of Sanctuaria.
  • Learn how to cook fish with Jon Lowe of Oceano on July 28 or September 1.
  • Wow everyone when you learn how to throw a pizza with Matt Middeke of Onesto’s on June 29, July 19, August 16, or September 27.
  • David Molina of Bocci Bar and BARcelona does paella on July 24 and pasta on August 23 and butternut ravioli on September 27
  • Clara Moore of Local Harvest teaches vegan class on June 29 and August 30
  • Bernard Pilon of Norwood Hills Country Club teaches beef on June 11, pasta on July 9, meat on August 20, and fish on September 10
    We work so hard on our gardens that we need to put up the extra produce. Learn how to safely preserve food in these canning classes:
  • “Any Which Way, You Can” on June 20 with Josh Galliano
  • “One Jam Thing After Another” on June 30 with Christie Saali Maggi
  • “Jam-Packed” on July 10 with Anne Cori
  • “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” on August 14 with Dawn Meyer

Summer also brings more cooking classes for children (ages 7 to 12).

  • Stephanie Pilon leads a two-part creative cooking on June 28 and 29
  • Make and bake pizza with Jon Feraro (of Feraro’s Jersey-Style Pizza) on July 27
  • Journey to ancient Greece with Stephanie Pilon on August 6
  • Baking bootcamp with Dawn Meyer on August 9, 10, 11

Best titles, courtesy of Ruth Sparrow, who schedules the chefs and writes the creative newsletter:

  • “More Than a Penne For Your Thoughts” has Tony’s pastry chef Helen Fletcher cooking penne pasta on June 10
  • “How Bout ‘Choux” with pastry chef Barry Marcus demystifying pate a choux pastries on June 11
  • “Life is a Crepe-Shoot” featuring lots of crepes with Christie Saali Maggi on June 18
  • “Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow” with Kelly Gardner on July 7
  • “Tequila Mockingbird” with tequila in every dish with Dawn Meyer on July 22
  • “Meet The Press: Garlic” with homegrown garlic and Katy Colson on Sunday, July 31
  • “Claw And Order” with Barb Nack and lots of crabmeat on August 5
  • “Tex-Mex-Cellent” with Robin Chestnas on August 19
  • “Honey, I Blue Up The Kitchen” with Kirk Warner and his Michigan blueberries on August 25
  • “Willing To Thai” Thai foods with Naam Pruitt on August 26
  • “Risen From the Bread” featuring overnight breakfast breads with Margi Kahn on September 7
  • “I Beg Your Pardon, Did You Say Vegetarian?” with Jack MacMurray on September 20

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