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Dear Chef,

I received my repaired knives a couple of days ago. I had mailed a 10-inch and 6-inch kitchen knives with broken black handles. I have had these knives for more than 30 years. I could not locate a repair shop till you guys.

I am SOOOO happy. Better than new. Great workmanship. Really fair price. I called twice and got the nicest lady. Both times she said, “don’t worry, Mike, we will take care of you.” She told the truth.

Thank you very much from Massachusetts.

Mike Ferguson

You are most welcome. Yes, we do sharpen knives ($3 per knife, 24-hour turn-around) and we do replace handles, both plastic and wood. Yes, we also sharpen scissors and shears ($5 each). New handles cost $25 each.

Please stop by on the day before Thanksgiving when we offer knife sharpening while you wait! Nobody wants dull knives on the biggest cooking day of the year! Bring in all your knives to be professionally sharpened on a water-cooled stone wheel. (Today, I had all of my dinner table knives sharpened — wow!)