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Over five days, 30 hours of cooking, we cooked 62 recipes! Wow, what a fun week we had for “Mastering the Art of Cooking.” This limited-size cooking class is an intense exploration of five cuisines: French, Italian, Latin, American, and Asian. One student commented on the last day, “I liked all the recipes and I’d take the class again. I learned so much.” This cooking class is a vacation cooking school that doesn’t require a passport.

Highlights of the week included cheese gougeres filled with seared foie gras, learning how to make puff pastry, cassoulet, gaufrettes, duck confit pizza, homemade cannolis with homemade ricotta filling, seafood paella, shrimp in green mole sauce, freshly-ground hamburgers with homemade ketchup on homemade buns, oysters rockefeller, smoked ribs, massaman lamb curry, nasi goreng, and lemongrass-shrimp soup.

We’ll do it again during the week of March 8, 2010. Plan on joining us for a memorable week of fabulous food!

2 Comments for “How To Master the Art of Cooking”  

  1. Sophia

    Anne, thank you for another fabulous week of “How to Master the Art of Cooking”! I want to be (and just might be) an annual student! Being aware that I was taking this week of cooking a second time, I really appreciate a personal phone call to review last year’s recipes and to be sure we had a new selection of recipes. I appreciate your expertise and willingness to cook any dish, even late in the day! I continue to gain confidence and versatility with different foods and techniques. My family has enjoyed (actually devoured) homemade pizza, massaman curry, pad thai, lemongrass and shrimp soup and finally, ceviche in the short 3 days since completing my week long cooking school! They also loved my beautifully decorated cake! We all thank you for a fun and delicious week. Sophia

  2. Anne

    You were so much fun to have in class with your infectous enthusiasm. I am so impressed that you have already made Massaman curry paste!