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What’s new at Kitchen Conservatory are three new lines of quality kitchenware.

emeril-frypan_t.jpgEmerilware stainless cookware has been redesigned with ergonomic handles and a bonded copper-aluminum base. Emerilware is the preferred cookware for smooth-top, ceramic, induction, and glass electric stoves. The sauce pans come with precision-pouring spouts and variable straining lids. Lifetime warranty and dishwasher safe.

masoncash-catphoto.jpgMason Cash mixing bowls are classic and beautiful ceramic bowls. Available in five sizes, from 1 cup to 6 quarts, these gorgeous kitchen bowls are perfect for any kitchen job, particularly mixing and raising bread doughs. The bowls feature a white interior and a soft brown exterior with a raised pattern, which would complement any kitchen decor.

Wusthof Ikon knives with handles made out of African blackwood are the most beautiful knives available. The blackwood knives feature the comfort of the longer Ikon handle with a stainless button on the end of the handle for perfect balance. ikon.jpgThis beautiful and durable wood is very dense, not porous and features a high resin content for longevity. The grain of the wood makes each knife unique. Any cook would forever treasure having and using one of these high-quality knives. The blade is precision-forged from a blank of high-carbon steel.