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Archive for June, 2009

Are you whacking away at the vegetables instead of artifully dicing them? There is a better way than what the man in the photo is doing. Come to our Knife Skills cooking class on June 9 or 10 and learn how to choose, cut, sharpen, and maintain a good kitchen knife (hint: the right cutting board makes a huge […]

Today I harvested 30 pounds of gooseberries, which is about a quarter of our crop. Anybody have any new gooseberry recipes? Because I think I’ll be making a lot of pie, jam, chutney, and fool! Two years ago, I asked my husband to plant a gooseberry bush. He planted 24 and they are all thriving! (Unlike […]

A flattened chicken is easier and faster to grill than a round chicken. One way to flatten is to cut out the backbone and lay the bird flat by cracking the breastbone, known as spatchcock chicken. Here’s a novel way of flattening a chicken, called “leaping frog” chicken by Gourmet magazine. Cut the skin between […]