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We just finished a wonderful week of cooking at Kitchen Conservatory. We tried a new style of cooking class: a vacation cooking school. Class was every day for five days from 10 am to 4 pm. We had a great group of students who were very eager to learn. Each day was an exploration of a different cuisine. Monday was French food, Tuesday Italian, Wednesday Latin, Thursday American, and Friday Asian. We made a hundred different recipes.

According to the students, highlights of the week included homemade veal sauce, demi-glace, and classic French sauces, duck confit, pommes Anna, gnocchi with tomato-veal sauce, biscotti, tiramisu, chicken in homemade mole sauce, fish tacos, tamales, a smoked rib-off (which ribs are best?), bread pudding, Thai green curry sauce, and sushi.

This class was so exciting that we’re offering it again. Please consider joining us for the week of October 5! Cooking at home will never be the same after this extensive course.

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2 Comments for “What a Week!”  

  1. Sophia

    Just wanted to thank you for teaching me so much during the fabulous week of gourmet cooking. I learned so many things and new techniques and I enjoyed eating my way through the week! It was a wonderful experience and I appreciate your expertise and enthusiasm.

  2. Anne

    Thank you! I loved teaching that class and we had so much fun together!