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ravioli2.jpgToday, the Kitchen Conservatory culinary book club’s topic is The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken. The author, Laura Schenone, will be calling in to join the discussion!

This very interesting book covers an Italian-American family’s recipe for ravioli and the search for the original recipe in Italy.

Pictured here is cheese ravioli made by hand-rolling the dough to a giant circle, then thinly spreading the filling on half of the circle, then folding the dough over to cover. The checkered ravioli pin on the left was used to make the impressions. I then cut the dough with a hand-held pasta cutter with a fluted edge. I used the rollpat dough mat to roll out the dough, which meant that the pasta never stuck to the counter.

The culinary book club is open to all; we read the book ahead of time and then discuss the book while eating theme-appropriate food. Please join us!

5 Comments for “Found Raviolis”  

  1. Kelly

    Looks good!

    Sorry I’m missing the class today

  2. deercreek36

    How would you make T-RAVS, the St. Louis favorite…toasted raviolis?

  3. Chef

    Make homemade raviolis, but instead of boiling them, deep-fry. Doesn’t everything taste better fried? Take the fresh ravioli, dip in an egg-milk batter and then roll in breadcrumbs or panko. Cook in 350-degree oil until browned. Drain and serve with tomato sauce.

  4. Connie

    The ravioli prepared during Sunday’s class were the best ever!
    What a treat.

  5. Anne

    Thank you. I think that several people were inspired to make ravioli for Christmas dinner! I really liked using a raw meat filling in the ravioli; none of them burst in the water.