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Time is quickly approaching to celebrate the ‘rents. Yes, you could send flowers or a tie or join the mobs of people at a mediocre Sunday buffet brunch. Here’s a more memorable gift: a cooking class.

For Mom on Sunday, May 11 from 1 to 3:30 pm: Enjoy a demonstration cooking class with a menu of raspberry champagne sparklers, minted green pea soup, blue cheese souffle on salad greens with caramelized nuts, roasted red pepper-goat cheese tart with a pine nut crust, and baked Alaska. Everyone will get a copy of the recipes, plus enjoy eating a delicious meal. Don’t miss the baked Alaska: homemade mocha ice cream on sponge cake covered with Italian meringue and then flamed and served with luscious chocolate caramel sauce.

For Dad on Sunday, June 15 from 1 to 3:0 pm: This fully participation, limited-size class takes place at our outdoor grills with a menu of barbequed spareribs St. Louis-style, wild salmon with herbed butter and salsa, lemon-rosemary chicken, and peppercorn-encrusted beef with salsa verde. Chef Kirk Warner will guide the dads in grilling the juiciest and most flavorful foods, plus providing easy-to-use recipes to take home.