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What is more controversial than religion and politics? Food. Is it possible to share love and a relationship with someone who eats different food from what you eat? In other words, can a vegan find happiness with a carnivore? Are interdietary relationships possible?

After all, couples are divided on religion only once a week and on politics once every two years, but divisions on food arise every day at dinner time. Perhaps one reason for the popularity of eating out regularly is so that each person in the family can eat a different meal! I notice that large parties now offer both meat and fish and several different vegetables on the same entree plate so that no one is offended. Unfortunately, the sauce for the meat conflicts with the sauce for the fish and the dinner plate is palate confusion. What happened to eating what is served? Or graciously pushing the food around the plate if the food is not edible.

The table is a central part of a relationship and if people are not sharing the same food at that table, can they truly share the other values in life? Cooking and eating together is a bigger part of living together than sleeping is. Admittedly, food is a priority in my life and picky eaters are the bane of my existence. I am an omnivore and I encourage omnivores to find happiness with other omnivores.