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ironchef.jpgThe “Iron Chef” competition last Monday was spectacular. Chef Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Cafe and Chef Joshua Galliano of An American Place cooked up a storm of fabulous food for a sold out crowd. The audience got to eat, judge, and vote for the winner. Pictured here are Chef Joshua Galliano, the floor commentator Chris Nashan, and Chef Kevin Nashan.

Both chefs tried to ferret out the secret ingredient, but a body block in front of the refrigerator prevented discovery. The secret ingredient was dramatically unveiled to gasps from the assembled foodies: a dozen 2-pound live lobsters. Without hesistation, both chefs grabbed the lobsters and immediately tore off the tails, then separated the claws from the bodies and smashed the bodies for stock. No squeamishness here in this kitchen, although there were more gasps from the crowd and cries of “lobster murderer!”

Over the next hour-and-half, both chefs intensely cooked and performed in the kitchen. Nashan made a lobster bake flambeed with Calvados on parsnips, lobster with mango vinaigrette on butternut squash, and lobster ceviche on rosemary grits with pineapple sauce. Galliano made lobster bisque, lobster on johnnycakes with sugarcane vinaigrette, and pistachio-crusted lobster with piperade on wilted spinach. Kevin Nashan commented that he made several items that never made it into the final dishes because he kept refining the menu while he was cooking.

And the results? The audience, which got to enjoy every morsel, judged on three criteria: taste, originality, and presentation. The voting was very close — perhaps because both chefs had family members in the audience. Nashan won on taste and originality, but Galliano won on presentation. The total was 416 points for Nashan and 408 points for Galliano. The winner was presented with the “Kitchen Conservatory Iron Chef” patch for his chef’s jacket.

A huge thank you to all who participated in the cooking class. Both chefs cooked their hearts out and the judges were fair-minded. Every pot in the kitchen was put to use. Although there were immediate calls for a rematch, the next competitor to challenge Kevin Nashan will be another talented local chef. And the secret ingredient will be another surprise!

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  1. Karen

    Wow! That sounds like great fun – I’m sorry I missed it.