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The weather may be 85 degrees and muggy outside, but inside Kitchen Conservatory, it is ginger-spiced! Today we baked the gingerbread pieces for all the houses for our Gingerbread House classes in December. Since we make 200 houses, and each house has six pieces (four walls and two roofs), we baked 1200 pieces of gingerbread. And the kitchen smells really delicious, full of ginger and cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves. Warm molasses is in our pores.

We made close to 250 pounds of dark, rich dough, with only a few casualties. Remembering how many scoops of sugar that went into the pot is always tricky, especially when the phone rings. Plus, with four ovens filled with a total of twelve sheet pans of gingerbread at a time, a few pans were sacrificed to the god of burnt offerings.

Kitchen Conservatory offers gingerbread house making classes for children and for adults. Register now, they are all filling fast.

If you crave the smell and creation of gingerbread at home, we offer our own custom-designed stainless-steel gingerbread house cutters. Two sizes are available.

2 Comments for “Sugar and Ginger Spice”  

  1. Anonymous

    I have attended your Gingerbread House Class in the past and loved it. I’m going to make some houses with some friends this weekend and am using the recipe from the class (I purchased the large cutters). Will the icing recipe that came along with the gingerbread recipe make plenty of icing? Or should I plan for more? And how far ahead of time (hours) can I mix up the icing before we begin on the houses? THANK YOU!!!

  2. Chef

    Make more icing! Just like when you ice a cake, it is much easier to work with plenty of icing rather than spreading the layer too thinly. You will want plenty of glue to hold the house together. The meringue powder (dried egg whites) is a super-easy way to make royal icing. Yes, you can make the icing a couple of hours ahead of time, but be sure to keep the icing covered so that it stays soft.