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The Summer Cooking Class Schedule at Kitchen Conservatory is now posted online. Don’t miss out on some exciting new classes featuring grilling, vegetables, fresh herbs, fish, and much more.

New chefs on the schedule include southern cook Carmen Collor, cookbook author Kristin Enkvetchakul, Darren Garmer of L’Ecole Culinaire, Chef Scott Oglesby of Truffles, Natalia Penchas of Mosiac, and Andy White — the brand-new chef at Balaban’s.

We also welcome back some great chefs we haven’t seen in a while: Chef Vince Bommarito, Jr of Tony’s, our favorite party animal/chef/airline pilot Tim Connors, Ryan Maher of Roxane, pastry chef Matthew Rice of Niche, and Chef Jason Sparks of Wapango. What a talented group!