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Ask anyone on staff at Kitchen Conservatory, who is a great chef-instructor, and the answer is frequently Chef Bernard Pilon of Norwood Hills Country Club. Originally from Quebec, Chef Bernard has taught many classes and is always a joy in the kitchen. Plus his food is fantastic.

His next demonstration class, Fowl Play is on Saturday, March 3 from 10 am to 12:30 pm and still has openings. His menu features squab with foie gras, quail and wild rice, duck confit, duck a l’orange and Tuscan brined chicken.

Duck, foie gras, what’s not to love! Sign up now.

2 Comments for “Fowl Play on March 3”  

  1. Alanna

    Bernard is GREAT. I took a class from him last fall, two of us went home and made the roasted tomato – saffron / scallop dish THAT same night. He has a real knack for making it all look do-able and appealing!

  2. PaulD

    I also think Bernard is one of the best instructors in town! I love his french phrase about cooking: “it’s not sorcery” (wish I could remember how to say it in French). Bernard is also a student of the ‘science of cooking’ (c.f., Harold McGee’s book “On Food and Cooking”) — so come also to hear him explode a few of the ‘grand myths’ of haute cuisine.