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Anne’s Kitchen Archive

In your tummy. Today, we dug all of our 2,000 heads of garlic and fresh garlic tastes best when eaten fresh. If 2,000 people each bought one head of garlic at Kitchen Conservatory, our storage problem would be solved! Come on in and taste how delicious freshly-dug garlic is! Fresh garlic is not bitter, but […]

China grows 12 million tons of garlic. India grows 600,000 tons of garlic. The United States grows 200,000 tons of garlic. In our little garden plot, we grow 0.1 ton of garlic. May not seem like a lot of garlic in the global market, but we are doing our best to corner the garlic market […]

No, you cannot plant garlic in the spring; garlic must be planted in fall and then the garlic grows over the winter. When spring arrives, the garlic plants are nearly a foot tall! Weeding begins in earnest and we will also feed the plants. We planted 2,100 garlic cloves last October (16 rows containing 130 […]

“Can you do a class on healthy foods?” With pleasure! Since mental health is just as important as physical health, healthy foods are foods that taste delicious and make you happy. Unhealthy foods have no flavor or taste. Healthy foods are so tasty that you are satisfied with a small amount. Unhealthy foods are foods […]

Let’s bust some myths about cooking. Just because your grandmother always cut the roast in half to fit her pan does not mean that all roasts should be cut in half! Here are corrections to some common misconceptions: 1. Cream does not curdle when boiled. Cream does boil over easily, so cream that comes to […]

Joyce writes, “I took an apple pie making class on October 7 with my daughter, Cindy. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I made the apple pie for the first time yesterday. I was very please that it turned out so well. Was very similar to Anne’s! Thanks so much for teaching […]

Garlic is a bulb, which is planted in the fall, to be harvested next year on July 1. Garlic is a wonderful addition to your garden, because it is a low-maintenance plant that delivers delicious results. To plant garlic, separate the heads into individual cloves. There is no need to peel the cloves. Plant each […]

Figs are fresh and in season during the month of September, so I try to eat as many figs as possible! I vividly remember my first taste of fresh figs: on a pizza in Rome in September 1987. I was smitten with their luscious taste. Since then, my favorite pizza is fresh figs with gorgonzola […]

During a participation cooking class last week, a student opened the refrigerator and stared at the condiment bottles in the door. “May I help you find something?” I asked. “Where’s the lemon juice?” she asked. I opened the vegetable drawer and pulled out a fresh lemon. “You have GOT to be kidding!” she answered. Some […]

The tomatoes are fabulously delicious this year. We are growing red Jet Star and yellow Golden Girl, and pick of the crop is available for purchase at Kitchen Conservatory (to accompany our garlic and basil!). A truly vine-ripened tomato falls into your hands when you cup the bottom of the fruit; no tugging necessary to pick […]