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Ingenious kitchen tools are often laughed at — until they are tried. Sauce Magazine just profiled one of our favorite tools, the Flour Duster. Sure you can pinch the flour with your fingers, and then get your fingers gummy and sticky. The flour duster makes kneading dough and rolling out pastry easier.

To quote Sauce Magazine: “Dust lightly with flour” may seem like a simple command. For the non-nimble-fingered, however, it can be anything but. More often than not, we end up with oddly scattered clumps fit for the baking hall of shame. We know we’ll get the hang of it someday, but in the meantime, we’re adding the Best Manufacturers Flour Duster to our gadget drawer. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this handy tool helps you control the distribution of flour, cocoa, sugar and other finely-ground ingredients. And even though it looks a little bit like a scary dental tool from the Middle Ages, it’s actually very easy to use: Simply fill the reservoir with flour, move it over your work area and begin dusting. Then stand back, admire your handiwork and kiss those clumps goodbye.