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“Where’s the microwave? This chicken isn’t done!” I went over to help the lady who presented me with a beautiful chicken thigh — tender and succulent meat oozing with juice. There was the faintest trace of pink at the bone. Sigh. So many people are so scared of the horrors of undercooked chicken that they insist […]

Dear Chef, I’m trying to find out why we bother to pound chicken breast. It’s already very tender. Why can’t we just slice it to the thickness we want? Does the pounding somehow change it in a good way? Thanks for your time! Melissa There are two reasons to pound meat: to make the meat […]

chicken piccata

Cast iron is very versatile in cooking and no kitchen is complete without a cast-iron skillet and dutch oven. The pans can be heated to high temperatures (perfect for searing); they can hold low temperatures for a long time (perfect for stews); they can maintain a temperature very well (perfect for deep-frying); well-seasoned pans are […]