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Discover an easy way to store your food, cover a bowl, or wrap up food to take to work or on a picnic! Bee’s Wrap offers a wonderful variety of sizes that are perfect for wrapping everything from a crusty loaf of bread, half a lemon, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and cheese. Use the warmth of […]

A clever tool for every cook and baker is the Danish dough whisk, which looks like a miniature rug beater and is actually made in Poland, not Denmark. This handy tool is more than a wooden spoon in combining foods, but less than a whisk (which can get clogged in thicker batters). Anyone who has […]

The New York Times in today’s food section gives a shout-out to our favorite peppermill, the Peppermate. This pepper grinder is fully adjustable, easy to fill, and the large handle is easy to turn to get a volume of freshly-ground pepper. The mill is available in either white or black (I use the white mill for white […]

The number-one job for a blender is crushing ice to make smoothies, milkshakes, and other frozen concoctions. But most blenders cannot handle ice. And most kitchen electrics offer no more than a one-year warranty. Then there is the Vita-Mix, an extraordinary machine with a seven-year warranty. The two-horsepower motor can easily handle ice everyday. The […]

It isn’t just knives that get dull with use. Graters and peelers dull with use. If the edge drags and you have to push harder, well, it is time to get a new grater and retire the long-suffering rasp to grater glory. Kitchen Conservatory can sharpen knive blades, but not graters. Yes, it is time […]

Are you a planner or are you a last-minute cook? Planners like slow-cookers because they know at breakfast what they are going to eat for tonight’s dinner. They probably also know what they are going to eat a week from tonight. I am not a planner. At 6 pm, I still don’t know what I […]

“Why would you use such a baby flame when I have a plumber’s torch in the garage?” “Because I don’t want to crack the antique crystal bowl with the blowtorch!” Leave the plumbing tools in the bathroom and put a culinary torch in your favorite cook’s stocking. It’s easy to handle, the flame is just the right […]

What’s new at Kitchen Conservatory are three new lines of quality kitchenware. Emerilware stainless cookware has been redesigned with ergonomic handles and a bonded copper-aluminum base. Emerilware is the preferred cookware for smooth-top, ceramic, induction, and glass electric stoves. The sauce pans come with precision-pouring spouts and variable straining lids. Lifetime warranty and dishwasher safe. Mason Cash mixing bowls are […]

Need a hot tip? Since stock tips are suspect, how about pastry tips? Kitchen Conservatory sells nearly a hundred different sizes and styles of pastry tips — all beautifully shown on our pastry tip page (along with pastry bags and couplers). Pastry tips are the same as pastry tubes. Although using a pastry bag may seem […]

“I’ve looked for this tool for years!” The customer was so excited that everyone else in the cooking class bought the new tool also. What is it? Odd size measuring spoons. These spoons are especially helpful when doubling or cutting a recipe in half. The stainless steel set includes 1/16 teaspoon, 1/8 teaspoon, 2/3 teaspoon, […]