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Spring means strawberries, the first fruit to ripen. Feel the sunshine with these fruity cupcakes, recipe courtesy of Julie Malloy. The buttercream icing is made with a Swiss meringue, as the egg whites and sugar are gently warmed and the sugar is dissolved, then whipped and then the butter is added. Many cooks find the […]

Among the three dessert food groups — chocolate, vanilla, and caramel — caramel doesn’t seem to get any respect. I would always choose caramel over chocolate or vanilla (hello, caramel rolls!) but nobody says that they are addicted to caramel. Chocoholics, yes, but caramelholics? The process of browning or caramelizing any food, including sugar, makes […]

What’s not love about a small, perfect bite of sweet deliciousness? Cupcakes are so hard to resist that Kitchen Conservatory is going cupcake crazy. Each week we will post a new cupcake recipe and bake these delicious treats at Kitchen Conservatory. Stop by to taste our favorite cupcakes! We have loads of colorful cupcake papers […]

The season of eating fish is here and Kitchen Conservatory is offering some brand-new cooking classes featuring exciting and delicious fish recipes. No more fish sticks or fish cakes! Two very talented chefs will be cooking from the freshest catch of the day. These all-fish cooking classes will excite your tastebuds as you watch the […]

Adding a smoky flavor to foods can make a dish memorable. Today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch Let’s Eat features a salad dressing made with smoked onions. Of course, you could just eat the smoked onions by themselves as they are a wonderful condiment. Their Caesar salad dressing recipe calls for pureeing the smoked onions with mayonnaise. […]

Luxurious foods are always on Valentine menus: lobster, crab, scallops, oysters, and other fish and shellfish, which inspired the fishmonger to comment, “Nothing says true love like dead fish.” Nor is killing the live lobster a prelude to a kiss. Be kind to your sweetheart and shell the seafood before serving. Lobster meat is easily […]

Our new cooking class schedule is our best ever! This fabulous agenda offers 200 delicious cooking classes! The variety of food is so exciting. You must read the newsletter to laugh at all of Ruth Sparrow’s clever titles. Please welcome these new chefs to our kitchens: Wil Pelly the sous-chef of Sanctuaria, goes Cuban on […]

Yes, we all love to eat tortilla chips with guacamole at next Sunday’s party, but how about thinking outside the bag? I like to serve a variety of vehicles for eating party dips. Try some of these new crunchies at the next TV party: Fried Chips (cooking in 350-degree vegetable oil and immediately sprinkled with […]

When preparing meat for cooking, the meat should be trimmed and inedible parts removed. Unfortunately, few butchers adequately trim the meat for cooking; home cooks must complete the trimming. Silverskin is the shiny, fibrous, inedible layer on tenderloins, in-between the meat and fat. Since tenderloin is so tender, the layer of fat is not necessary, […]

The best gifts are the ones we secretly lust after, but can’t justify buying for ourselves. Thrill your loved ones with these special gifts that cooks will adore and use regularly. Emile Henry baking stone is available in purple or black. This baking stone features handles, has a beautiful and durable glaze, is oven safe, […]